Balls have been used in rehabilitation exercises since the 1960s. More recently they have made inroads in rehabilitation and sports conditioning.

AOK Balls allows you to easily incorporate the following training concepts into your program.  It will benefit you and your clients while fitting in with and complementing your other rehabilitation and training ideas.

Core Stability
Encompasses active pelvic stabilization, shoulder and hip girdle stabilization. Using muscles such as the transversus abdominis, oblique abdominii, latissimus dorsi, ilipsoas and multifidulis, will provide a stable torso – allowing more efficient movement.

Efficient Movement Patterns
Using only the required muscles to perform a movement in a specific sequence.  Without using unnecessary muscle groups, we save neural energy – making movement more efficient.

Athletes in particular strive to conserve energy to aid in their performance.  If an athlete can obtain core stability and control, they can use the otherwise wasted energy to enhance their performance.

AOK Pro Balls are – however a very strong, anti-burst to over 500 kgs. Because it is spherical, the mediBall is very unstable.  This is the beneficial aspect of the ball for therapists, coaches and athletes as most sporting environments, especially team contact sports, and many workplaces are very unstable environments.  You can sit, lie, lean, stand, kneel and get into many other positions on a mediBall, to perform exercises.