Are you stiff and sore, even after you’ve exercised and stretched?

Do you feel your body is limiting you even though “you are doing all the right things”?
Or are you stuck at a desk and can feel yourself seizing up as the working day unfolds?
It’s time to free yourself – and you can start by learning new revolutionary leading edge movement techniques at Foundation Workshop.

A three part systemised approach made up of:
1. Self Myofascial Release Therapy (SMRT) - Simple exercises on a foam roller as well as other tools, which will bring a positive change to the body, balancing out the tight, immobile and weak connective structures which if left, reduces free movement, preventing us from comfortably performing the simplest day-to-day tasks well and is very similar to receiving a deep massage.
2. Mobilizer exercises which turn on the body’s stabilisation system which supports the joints and skeletal system and simultaneously providing dynamic flexibility, further improving mobility attained from the SMRT.
3. Functional and Core Strength Training which enables the body to perform everyday living, work and sport specific exercises with ease.

Based on creating a strong basis to the musculoskeletal system, Foundation will improve all activity and movement, from getting out of bed, through to moderate exercise, to high-end sporting performance.

It will release trapped energies within the connective structures and, as the body begins to move with increased freedom; your energy levels will increase by simply removing the tension that holds you back.

The Foundation Workshop is for everyone, including sedentary workers, average exercisers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, golfers, dancers, trainers and yoga or pilates fans and instructors.

Practitioners, please consider sending patients to complement your treatment. Improving body function, including posture, facilitates better overall wellbeing.

The foundation of this systemised approach is so solid there is a Money Back Guarantee that you will be more mobile, stronger and feel lighter on your feet!

Anyone who wants to feel lighter on their feet and get more out of their day should make tracks for the Foundation Workshop.

Foundation is presented by 180 Degrees Fitness Food and Health in partnership with the Australian Institute of Self Myofascial Release Therapy.

How the Foundation Workshop works for you

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