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If you value your health and wellbeing and are looking for quality results from your fitness workouts, contact 180 DEGREES.


180 Degrees Fitness Food & Health &  is a unique Fitness, Food and Health consultancy service which takes an holistic approach.

How is that different to other Personal Training and fitness training?

All bodies are different and an approach that simply gives everyone the same exercises to do – regardless of that person’s lifestyle, posture, strengths and weaknesses – is doomed to failure.

Instead, a health and fitness program should be carefully tailored to each individual, identifying weaker areas of the body that need to be strengthened, tighter areas which need to be mobilised and stretched to release the tension, and any problems that need to be sorted out in order for goals to be reached. 

And how will that help me?

With over 12 years in the industry, I’ve come to understand that taking an holistic approach is the most effective way to help people reach their optimal level of health and fitness. Strenuous exercise and one-fits-all programs can cause more difficulties than they fix.

But a program based on a careful assessment, with work to achieve better body balance, a stronger core, an enduring fitness and vibrant good health, together with advice and guidance on better nutrition, is the only effective solution, long-term.

Call today, for an assessment and a program that will guarantee you better health, strength and fitness … for life!


We are devoted to motivating clients to attain the best health and fitness possible!

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