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Be empowered to feel and perform at your best…anywhere any time. For life!


These sessions will EMPOWER you to develop the SKILLS to better manage your body on a more regular, even daily basis and will EDUCATE you on how to take responsibility for your own body, from as early age as possible.

These skills are very useful and powerful skills to learn. Especially helping to break down the unwanted effects of poor sitting postures in today’s modern world (including length of time sitting and being in triple flexion positions at knees, hips and thoracic areas) carrying heavy bags for students, growing pains and effects of sporting performance as well as aches and pains from everyday life.

Self massage using foam rollers and other Tools.

Massage is so important for our bodies; however the problem is that it’s not always easily accessible. The system which you will learn to self massage, through Self Myofascial Release Therapy using foam rollers like the MoveBetterRoller™ including other tools, is the future of movement and is the only time and cost effective way of staying on top of physical conditioning and body maintenance, as they’re anywhere anytime skills and will be maintained for life once learnt.

Importantly, this system not only allows individuals to self massage, it is the only fully integrated method of massage combined with simultaneously improving:

  • Core and functional strength,
  • Flexibility/mobility,
  • Stability,
  • Balance,
  • Movement preparation,
  • Faster Recovery from physical activity including faster injury Rehab
  • Regeneration of soft tissue and collagen, Anti-ageing
  • the breakdown of scar tissue
  • Posture,
  • Musculoskeletal imbalances by removing asymmetries, scoliosis.
  • Carpal Tunnel – These sessions are a must attempt before  one even considers an operation to treat,
  • Circulation,
  • Detoxification from metabolic wastes and environmental toxins
  • RSI
  • Reducing pain, inc. Myofascial pain, Fibromyalgia, PMR
  • Sleep - especially vital REM sleep,
  • Cellulite
  • Reduction of stress and anxiety (especially during exam times for students or sporting performance)
  • The releasing of emotions (as the fascial system is believed to hold emotions)
  • Mental clarity

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No other system allows you to do this all at the very same time as individual and separate time is normally required to for many of these results.

This system can significantly help to get more out of athletes and hence they will get more out of their sporting careers and reduce the risk of totally unnecessary injuries which can easily be prevented

With this system, the important advantage is that it’s an educational process and once the skills are learnt they will stay with you for life.





Life and Performance Changing Investment Options




Pre-Paid 10 Consecutive Weeks


Unlimited Monthly Recurring

(Cancel at any time)





1 HR

10 Pack ONLY $250

(Total Value  $350)


10 Pack ONLY $470

(Total Value  $570)






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$ 146.95 worth of ADDED BONUSES* for each 10 pack (Casual sessions NOT INCLUDED)


  • 10% off RRP on all products, workshops (professional certifications excluded) and any private sessions.
  • 1 x Complimentary Latin Dance Lesson at Salsa Republic Chippendale valued at $20
  • 1 x Complimentary Yoga Class at Yoga Sivana Mosman valued at $25
  • 10% off shoe purchase at Sydney Running Centre Edgecliff* PLUS 1 x Complimentary pair of socks (valued at $19.95).
  • Newsletter and Facebook updates on the latest leading edge information on Fitness, Food and Health news.


MORE BONUSES to be added each month


  • Members can attend any location to use total number of sessions.
  • Non transferable to other persons.
  • Added bonuses are once off (with exemption of 10% discount on 180degrees.com.au products and workshops, 10% discount from Sydney Running Centre Edgecliff, newsletter updates).
  • Refunds accepted minus time already used and only from time of notification. Cannot be backdated.
  • Sessions expire each month if not used and cannot be carried onto the next month.

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Session Details

All Sessions have 1 & 2 HR Options





Surry Hills | Connection Studios Sydney

103 Foveaux St Surry Hills




6:00 - 8:00pm


Leichhardt | Jow Gar Kung Fu Academy

Unit 6, 71-73 Lords Rd, Leichhardt





3:00  - 5:00pm





Private workshops for sporting teams as well as corporate are available.